Wine Goblet Eyeglasses- Clear/Yellow


Let the good times flow this Halloween! Add these fun Clear/Yellow Wine Goblet Eyeglasses to your costume this Halloween and you will be yelling sip, sip, hooray!

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Raise A Glass…To glasses glasses! Glasses that are shaped like glasses? Or maybe glass-like glasses…Oh, you know what we’re talking about! Everybody should own a novelty pair of glasses, if not several pairs. They are always good for a laugh! If you’re looking for a more general festive pair, then check out these Clear/Yellow Wine Goblet Eyeglasses! With their simple but fun design, they will work for many parties in your future. So pour yourself a glass of your favorite white grape beverage, and get these beauties in your cart this instant! Product DetailsYou’ll always be ready for a party in these cheerful clinking glasses! The frames are all clear, with some black detailing on the front to accent the wine glass shapes. The lenses are yellow and look like they are sloshing, mid-clink in a toast. Each eye has its own glass, and they tilt towards each other to meet in the middle. So, where are you going to wear these festive specs? Is a friend having a birthday, and these would go well with their crown? Are you hosting a New Year’s Eve party and want a fun but hassle-free look? Then raise a toast to these wine-derful glasses!

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