Fun World Killer Clown Makeup Kit


Put on a scary face for Halloween. The Killer Clown Makeup Kit will have you looking more terrifying than ever!

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Clowning GloryThere’s only one thing scarier than watching the news these days…and that’s clowns! All clowns are scary, that’s a given. Though no one’s been able to prove just what it is about them that makes them so, a fear of clowns—coulrophobia—is pretty common. That’s why your Killer Clown costume is perfect for Halloween. You’ll practically clear the party when you show up dressed as a deranged clown.But the costume alone will only make you mildly terrifying. In order to take yourself to next-level bone-chilling, you’ll need this Killer Clown Makeup Kit to apply the finishing touches. After all, most experts think a clown’s makeup and distorted facial features is what makes them so darn scary to begin with, so you can’t really fulfill your fright potential without a terrifying face to accompany you.Product DetailsThis petrifying package comes with application instructions and your look will wash off with water (no special remover needed). This kit includes a 3-color makeup tray, a red clown nose (an obvious must), an applicator sponge, bloody scab gel, liquid latex, a makeup brush, and fake teeth. If this doesn’t get ’em, nothing will!Forever FearfulMost people develop a fear of clowns at a young age, and it never goes away. Feed on that fear this Halloween and make a panic-inducing entrance at your friend’s bash. After all, being scary is what Halloween is all about!

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