White & Gold Cat Eye Goggles


These White & Gold Costume Cat Eye Goggles won’t give you feline vision, but they will give you some feline attitude! Perfect add to your next cat or superhero look!

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We want to look good. Even when we are ready to shred some powder on the slopes. Out for a day of making our own trails on our snowmobiles. About to start the largest snow ball fight the town has ever seen. Or, even doing the shoveling after the blizzard that lasted three days. We want to look good, but we also need some protection from the elements.You have your elegant tan Burton jacket to keep you warm. Some classic black North Face snow pants. Two helmets, a pretty gold and tan one for snow boarding, and a more durable black one for snowmobiling. But what is protecting your eyes? Why not these fashionable Cat Eye Goggles White and Gold? They will be able to keep your peepers safe from the harsh winter wind on the trails you will blaze on your snowmobile. The yellow tint will keep you from being blinded by the sun on the slopes. And, with the catitude that they give you, you’ll be able to beat the boys in a snowball fight. And, look cute doing it.

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