Disney 101 Dalmatians Pongo Headband Tail & Collar Kit


Dress up as one of the adorable 101 Dalmatians in this Pongo Headband, Collar & Tail Kit. Add these accessories to your 101 Dalmatians costume or with a simple black shirt and pants.

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Quick ChangeSure, there may be 101 Dalmatians to choose from, but there’s only one leader of the pack: Pongo. Pongo is loyal, laid-back, playful, and smart, Pongo is the perfect pet—and protagonist! Hey, actually, Pongo sounds a bit like you. You’re known to stand by your friends no matter what, to roll with the punches and take life as it comes, to start the best games and keep the mood light, and to be crafty, witty, and come up with the best plans!But all that running around, playing matchmaker, and helping your friends plan their Halloween costumes have left you without your own. Classic Pongo, always looking out for others and helping them first. Have no fear, faithful friend! You can simply add this 101 Dalmatians Pongo Kit to your own black (or black and white) garments and poof—you’ve managed to turn yourself into your favorite classic character in a flash.Product DetailsThis cute kit turns you into Pongo from ears to tail! It contains a headband with Dalmatian ears, an attachable spotted tail, and a replica of Pongo’s collar, complete with his embroidered name. You could take time to draw black spots all over your face, too, if you want, but this costume’s so cute, you probably won’t need to! 

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