Kid’s Humbug Nightgown Costume


Is your little guy going to be playing the most well known grouch this year for a holiday play or dramatic reading? Order this Kid’s Humbug Nightgown Costume to help set the scene today!

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Humbug!You know what, kid? From time to time, we think it’s okay to embrace your inner miser. We should face it: it’s hard to be ultra-happy all the time. You have to smile when you meet your parents’ friends (strangers), new teachers (scary), and kids on the playground. But have you ever stubbed your toe in the early morning? Have you ever had a sleepover canceled because a friend got in trouble? Have you ever been stuck in the house, unable to play basketball because it rained for days at a time? We’re sure you have wanted a Halloween costume or some perfect holiday gift that you weren’t gifted. In the wake of such events, it’s perfectly normal to get grumpy. Everyone gets a little bitter now and again, and we would too in those situations. It’s a natural part of being human; probably more so than being super happy all the time.Design & DetailsThe best thing to do when you feel bitter about life’s circumstances, sometimes, is to embrace it. We’ve got you covered for the next time the bitterness envelops you with this Humbug Nightgown Costume for Kids. Perfect for any bitter Scrooge out there, you’ll be embracing that inner miser in no time. Our costume designers wanted to create a simple nightgown that just goes well with a frown or a scowl. Cream-colored, floor-length, and collared, we think they nailed it! The button cuffs are a nice touch, so all you have to do is Part of our Made By Us collection, the nightgown was crafted in-house with love and care put into each and every stitch. Grab your favorite candle, some sandals, and put on your best frown, and you’ll be the town miser in no time.

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