Disney Infant Ariel Costume


Your little one can become an iconic mermaid princess this Halloween with this officially licensed Disguise Costumes Disney The Little Mermaid Ariel Costume for Infants!

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Part of Your WorldLook who’s sunning herself on the edge of the beach (or the tub)! Cute curls, big eyes, swishy tail – it must be a mermaid! And not just any mermaid, but the youngest daughter of King Triton himself! This underwater princess loves to splash and sing, and she’s fascinated by the world of humans. Nothing is too ordinary to capture her interest. She might mistake a pipe for a snarfblat and be more interested in using a fork to comb her hair than to eat her food, but her curious mind and heart of gold turn any ordinary day into an extraordinary adventure! Product DetailsLet your little one pretend to be her favorite Disney princess in this officially licensed Disguise Costumes Disney the Little Mermaid Costume Ariel Costume for Infants! Your baby girl will love slipping into this dress. The purple bodice is the color of Ariel’s seashells and has a shiny middle inset decorated with a pattern of seashells and swirls and trimmed with purple metallic braid. Dainty ruffles cap the shoulders and an Ariel cameo is attached just below the neckline. The skirt is made of aqua-green fabric, with a sparkly bottom layer and a shorter, ruffled overskirt. Mermaid PrincessUnder the sea is the best place to be! We think you’ll agree that your daughter and Ariel have a lot in common, from their sweet natures to their wholehearted enthusiasm for adventure. This costume might just inspire her to sing a beautiful solo!  

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