Viking Mace Prop Weapon


You’ll be ready to pillage and plunder with this exclusive Viking Mace accessory. This accessory is perfect for finishing off a Viking Halloween costume.

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Do you have your Norse War battle cry prepared? If so, then CHARGE!Viking warriors were, without a doubt, some of the most respectable dudes. The Scandinavian heroes needed to have their weapon of choice close at hand for those long sails, because as soon as they hit shore, it was raiding time. Take a tip from these warriors and choose your weapon wisely by adding the Viking Mace to your costume. It’s equally effective in battle, and without a doubt intimidating. Our Viking mace is so realistic it could easily be mistaken for the real thing! It’s made with molded plastic and painted to look as if it were real metal and wood. But don’t worry, this accessory is totally safe. Keep those peasants in line with an accessory that we’re sure Ragnar himself would be proud to wield on his way to Valhalla!

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