Tween Stranger Things Chrissy Costume


You’ll be able to cheer for all your favorite Hawkins High School teams when you wear this Stranger Things Tween Classic Hawkins S4 Tigers Cheerleader Costume! LETS GO TEAM!

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Normal ThingsIn Hawkins, there’s no such thing as normal. Not for anyone that knows about the Upside Down, at least. And the trick to staying out of the know seems to be leading a life as close to society’s idea of the American Dream as possible. That means doing well in your Hawkins High School classes and getting involved! Not with the school paper. They can be a bit nosy. And maybe not the AV Club either. Surely not the Hellfire Club! Though, Eddie does seem familiar. He’s probably cool. No, try sports or cheerleading! Those are the safest! Athletically inclined peers with a strong sense of community must be the best way to avoid any threat from the Upside Down.Product DetailsHelp your tween enjoy a dream scenario at Hawkins High with this Stranger Things S4 Classic Hawkins Tigers Cheerleader Costume. The officially licensed two-piece ensemble will get your child dressed like the spitting image of Hawkins’ head cheerleader, and role model, Chrissy Cunningham! The costume starts with a pleated green skirt that falls just above the knee. A white and golden-yellow varsity stripe hems the skirt giving it that iconic high school athletics look. The skirt pairs with a color-blocked sleeveless top with a high V-neckline and HHS print diagonally across the image of a megaphone. Dressed like the squad and feeling that “it’s gonna be a great year” energy, your kiddo’s sure to enjoy their time with the Hawkins cheer team!Strange IdeasInspire Stranger Things group costumes for your teen or tween when you show them this Hawkins Cheerleader Costume. Paired with multiple of the same or any available Stranger Things costumes, they’re sure to know exactly what to do with their options. The only question is, will it save their favorite fictional town or pull them into the spine-chilling fun that comes from the Upside Down?

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