Secret Agent Earpiece


No one will question your secret agent abilities when you have this Secret Agent Ear Piece because we all know an ear piece makes you look legit!

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Sayonara Cell Phone You may think your smartphone is the best gadget since um, ever but once you start communicating like a spy, that will all change. No more apps or texting; just your ear and this secret agent earpiece is all you’ll need. Nevermind, this accessory doesn’t actually work so don’t toss your cell phone in the trash quite yet. Although you can’t really use it, it’s still capable of making others think that you’re some kind of super sleuth. Get ready to be the coolest person no matter where you go (even though you’re probably used to that by now.) Product DetailsThis cool spy accessory features a clear earbud so it will blend in with whatever costume that you plan on wearing. Place it inside your ear and take the metal clip and attach it to your collared shirt or jacket. The earbud and metal clip are connected via a clear stretchy cord. It looks hi-tech and discreet, which is what every secret agent wants. So Many OptionsThis versatile accessory doesn’t have to be paired with a secret agent costume! Wear the earpiece with a variety of costumes. It will enhance any detective, police, or news reporter costume. Clip it on and start your top-secret mission!  

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