Women’s to the Moon Astronaut Costume


You’ll look out of this world in this Women’s to the Moon Astronaut Costume. This costume includes a silver top and bottom with the NASA emblem on the chest. Matching arm sleeves complete the look.

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Gibbous Your All!When it comes to traveling to the moon, you’re an old hat. It’s like traveling to the town over, you’ve been in space so many times! So, if you’re going to present for an intergalactic travel surface then you’ll have to break out a few more exotic locals. Maybe you could break out the videos of your trip to the Venus steam baths. That was one cleansing vacation that you’ll never forget. Or what about backpacking through the Mars red rocks. People are sure to love those photos. Are you thinking about something more far-flung and festive? The night you went dancing on TOI 700 “the Super-Earth” might be the perfect anecdote to tell. Who doesn’t like partying with intergalactic citizens? Ready to flaunt your well-worn space passport? This Astronaut costume will let everyone know that you’ve not only traveled across the universe, you traveled the fun way!Product DetailsThis sexy astronaut costume will help you lift off for your next costumed event! It features a three-piece metallic suit. The top zips up and has straps for a halter aesthetic. Matching high-waisted bikini bottoms have a strap around the hip as well. Long silver fingerless gloves slip all the way to the shoulders for a shining, elegant, and sexy costume. Into OrbitThis costume can easily be topped off with super fun costume accessories! Choose between an astronaut helmet, silver gogo boots, silver tights, and even an astronaut backpack to keep your belongings safe on your next space age journey. Now all you have to do is make a big decision. Where are you going to go next? Maybe you could go ice skating on Jupiter or on a Milky Way cruise. Forget the term globetrotter. You’re gonna take it to the next level, you’re an intergalactic jet-setter now! 

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