Boys American Aviator Costume


Let him fly away this Halloween wearing this Boy’s American Aviator Costume! Help your little one take on the dastardly Reb Barron with this old time aviator’s costume.

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A Crazy DreamAll great things start out as a mere dream. Sometimes, that dream might even seem completely impossible. Why, people must have thought that Orville and Wilbur Wright had gone mad, thinking that they could make humans fly like a bird. But… here we are, all these years later and the sky is filled with airplanes.Your child might have the lofty dream of being the world’s youngest pilot! And maybe it is a little crazy, but you really never know when one of those crazy dreams changes the world forever. So, we think that you should just encourage your child’s passion for flight with this America Aviator Costume. It might just send your little one on the path to becoming the greatest pilot in the world.Product DetailsThis historical costume for kids starts with a faux leather jacket with a button-up front. It features 2 front pockets and a faux fur collar. It also comes with a hood-style cap that recreates the look of traditional aviator caps that were popular in the early days of aviation. It fits with elastic and a fastener in the back. The goggle also fit with a simple elastic band and have clear lenses. The finishing touch to this outfit comes in the form of a white scarf. Simply tie this loosely around your child’s neck to have them ready to pursue their dreams!Paper AirplanesAlright, alright. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room here. Does the costume come with that perfectly folded paper airplane that the boy is holding in the image? Sadly, we regret to inform you that this costume does NOT include the paper airplane. We’d be happy to talk shop about paper airplane construction if you want to complete the look from the image though!

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