White Pirate Shirt for Men


Build a pirate costume from the shirt up with a White Pirate Shirt! Who says you have to be Jack Sparrow when you can create your own fearsome pirate? All we ask is that your pirate name be as cool as Sparrow, Hook, or Blackbeard! No pressure.

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Take it from those who have gone before you…the secret to commandeering a pirate ship is a well dressed, stylish captain. Dirty clothes, yellow teeth, and questionable personal hygiene doesn’t exactly instill a lot of confidence in your shipmates, now, does it? Especially when what you’re asking of them is to do the kind of plundering that could literally get them a one-way ticket to the gallows! C’mon, matey – if you don’t take yourself seriously, how can you expect anyone else to?So take our advice and get yourself one of these White Pirate Shirts. With its large billowy sleeves and laced front pocket, not only will you look the part of a swashbuckling hero who rides the sails just outside the law, but you’ll have all the local sailors wondering, “How did he get so successful that he feels comfortable wearing a freshly pressed, clean white shirt in both the slums of London and on the high seas? What does he know that I don’t? What’s his secret…?” The White Pirate Shirt even comes with a faux leather (because you might be a pirate, but you’re not a monster!) belt with a gold-tone buckle for that extra debonair touch. A’hoy!

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