Mary Poppins Adult Deluxe Bert Costume


Be the happy, jolly, dancing Bert from the classic Mary Poppins film in this Adult Deluxe Bert Costume. This will make a fun couples costume along with our deluxe Mary Poppins costume. If you cant get a girl to go, then you could always try taking a pengu

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A Real Crowd PleaserYou know what we always say about costumes, right? You can’t beat a classic! And there’s no classic more…well…classic classic than Mary Poppins! The music, the magic, the whimsy, the animation—Mary Poppins steals our hearts today as much as it did the first time we saw it. And we have a hunch you’re a bit like us! So if you flip for classic films and want to capture the charm of your favorite character, then this Mary Poppins Men’s Deluxe Bert Costume ought to tickle your fancy. Now, we personally feel that Bert is the most fun Poppins personality. He’s upbeat, easygoing, creative, funny, caring, and willing to be silly. And yes, Mary Poppins is magical and all that, but we’d opt to hang with Bert any day of the week and twice on Saturdays. Mostly, we just really want to travel into one of his chalk drawings!Product DetailsYou may think Bert’s look would be easy to pull off, but his charisma is only partly about the clothes. You’ll need to layer on the charm, the positivity, the imagination, and oh yeah, a Cockney accent! But in terms of costume, we’ve got you covered. This is Bert’s classic chimney sweep look, complete with a mottled coat, a red necktie, a brown peasant top, and a matching cap you can tip at Mary to say good afternoon. Get ready to perform as a one-man-band at your pal’s Halloween party!Dynamic DuoOf course, this costume truly sings when you wear it next to one of our bonafide Mary Poppins looks. So, grab a gal pal, practice your accents, and prepare to take everyone down memory lane, which, if you can draw it well enough, you may just be able to step right onto, for real!

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