Toddler Hungry Venus Fly Trap Costume


They will be trapping everyone with cuteness, in this Toddler Hungry Venus Fly Trap Costume. No one will be able to escape!

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Growing Like a Weed?We’ve always heard that when a tyke shoots up faster than seems humanly possible that they’ve taken after weeds. Now, we have all seen some dandelions that seem to be a little bit monstrous. Maybe you’ve ignored the garden or side yard long enough that it has been overtaken by a few sprouts of ragweed. But that’s nothing compared to a kiddo who seems to have something to prove to the sky. Maybe you’ve seen something similar in your own tyke. Perhaps that measurement on the wall where you’ve been ticking off their annual growth seems to be leaping by extraordinary bounds. A bit of a crazy appetite? Maybe they even want to eat some very strange things. Well, if any of this rings a bell, you might be shocked to learn that your tyke might have something in common with the Dionaea muscipula, better known as the Venus Flytrap! Design & DetailsThe first step in finding out if you’ve got a carnivorous plant on your hands is by dressing them up in this Hungry Venus Fly Trap costume. This Made by Us design is a green and foam-backed jersey that really comes to life when your tyke wears the velour hood. It has a hook and loop fastener at the back and its design makes your kiddo look like they’ve got some seriously toothy petals! Toss on the included flower pot with and keep them in place with shoulder straps to really bring your little plantling to life. So long as they don’t get a craving for little insects, you’ll just have a cute kiddo and can ease your concerns! A Voracious AppetiteUpon further checking, we’ve discovered that normal Venus Flytraps don’t actually grow nearly as tall as a tyke. But, that doesn’t mean that your kiddo can’t play out their desire for snacks in an adorable fashion with this Hungry Venus Fly Trap costume. (Just make sure you’ve got those treats on hand!) 

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