Women’s Sexy Sequin Ringmaster Costume


Lead the show this Halloween with this Women’s Sexy Sequin Ringmaster Costume for any of your costume parties! This costume features the iconic jacket covered in red sequins.

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Big Top, Big StyleThe Big Top is no place for nuance. The circus is all about going all out! Go ahead and try out your circus persona at home. Put on some big band music, pop some popcorn, and stand on your ottoman to announce the amazing big cat act! Sure, it’s just your cat playing with a hairband but in show business, it’s all about presentation. Or what about announcing the strongman act? The best way to get your boyfriend to bring in the groceries that we’ve ever heard of! Yes, the wonders of the circus can be brought right into your living room. All you really need is that big top style!Details & DesignThis Made By Us sparkling ensemble will bring you straight to center stage. Designed by our in house creative team, this classic look is made with quality and a flattering fit in mind. The sequined tailcoat is fully lined and has a wide striped collar and cuffs trimmed in gold brocade. It secures with elastic over two gold buttons. A black and white mini dress is layered underneath with gold chains down the front for extra showmanship! The dress zips up the back and has clear straps so you can move without any mishaps. The whole ensemble is finished off with a dashing top hat that’s perfect for tipping as your audience gives you a standing ovation!Tips From the Peanut GalleryWe’re sure you have a vision for your costume, but if you need any tips, we’re here for you! You can top off this look with a whip prop as pictured or a scepter. Fishnet tights from our costume apparel section will also serve to complete your look. Thinking of a couple’s costume? This costume pairs perfectly with our Made By Us Strongman costume. Check out the rest of our Circus Costumes to make your show complete!

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