Men’s Spotlight Ringmaster Costume


Step right up! This Halloween, show everyone who is in charge in this Men’s Spotlight Ringmaster Costume. Get ready to look dazzling, dapper, and daring!

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Performer ExtraordinareDo you hear that? It’s the roar of the crowd, cheering for you! As you stand just outside the red-and-white tent flaps, you can hear them screaming for the ringmaster – that master of the circus, the king of all party-throwers! Amidst the many dazzling spectacles, the ringmaster is the figure that all eyes follow. Even the clowns on unicycles, the fearsome lions and tigers, the adorably plump trained seals, and the dizzying acrobats can’t compete with the ringmaster’s charisma. He plays the crowd like a grand piano, drawing on their excitement and their sense of wonder to produce a show like no one has ever seen before. That’s show business, baby!Design & DetailsDazzle and delight in your Spotlight Ringmaster Men’s Costume! Such an incredibly dashing entertainer needs an incredibly dashing costume, don’t you agree? We’ve got you covered. The 100 percent polyester satin red tailcoat pairs beautifully with the black trouser pants embellished with gold trim. The vest front features gold swirl brocade detail. Add the black top hat for the crowning touch (pardon our pun). Its red satin trim is as delightful as its collapsible design.Big Top Fun Long after the circus is over, everyone will still be talking about the incredible ringmaster! Whether partying with your friends or hosting a show to end all shows, you’ll be ready for anything in your Spotlight Ringmaster Men’s Costume.

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