Toddler Ghostbuster Proton Pack


To add that final finishing touch for your little one’s costume, that won’t make them say Boohoo! We recommend our Toddler Ghostbuster Proton Pack for all their dress up or costume needs!

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Get That Ghost! The Earth needs you again! Gozer is attacking and it doesn’t look good, but you’ve trained for this every day. Let’s see, you’re in your Ghostbusters jumpsuit and you’ve got your binoculars and your ghost whistle – what else do you need? Oh right, your proton pack! Its positive ions blast out of the nozzle in a powerful stream, immobilizing any ghost that comes your way! Product Details Complete your little one’s perfect Ghostbuster costume with an exclusive, officially licensed Ghostbuster Proton Pack for Toddlers! The canvas backpack has comfortable padded shoulder straps that you can adjust for height and plenty of cool printed graphics to make it look like the packs you see in the movies. An attached plastic tube has a foam wand at the tip that you can point at any ghosts to capture it! Just make sure not to cross proton streams with any other Ghostbuster or life will end as we know it. Minor details! Who Ya Gonna Call? Your toddler will love feeling like an official member of the Ghostbusters team! Your household will be safe from all bad spirits as long as he or she has this nifty pack.  

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