Halo Energy Sword


This Halo Energy Sword accessory recreates the look of the one used by Covenant soldiers in the video game series. Complete your Master Chief costume with this fun accessory.

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What is the noblest of weapons in the Halo series? Is it the combat rifle? No, most certainly not. It might have a decent range, but it definitely lacks stopping power. What about the shotgun? Not a chance! That might be great at close range, but any grunt with opposable thumbs can use that thing. What about the rocket launcher? That has stopping power, but it might blow up everything in a 30 foot radius around your target. The true noblest of weapons is none other than the energy sword!Now, you can wield the noblest of Halo weapons, because this Halo Energy Sword has a look that come straight from the video games series. The toy weapon is painted to look like it has energy bolts going throughout it. The handle has a metallic paint job for added effect. Now, it won’t actually help you cut a Covenant soldier down in two, but it will look great with your Master Chief cosplay costume.

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