Disney Lion King Toddler Nala Classic Costume


Join Simba for adventures with this Lion King Toddler Nala Classic Costume. Explore the pride lands as Nala with your best friend, Simba.

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Born RoyalFrom the day she was born, Nala knew she’d sit on the throne as queen! Well, maybe not literally. (We’re not exactly sure if Simba and Nala actually sit on thrones, despite being the reigning royal family of the pride… but anyways, we’re starting to get way off-topic here.) But Nala was always destined to be the queen of the pride! At the end of The Lion King, she ends up standing side by side with Simba to usher in a new world for lion-kind! And perhaps, your little one has always been destined for greatness as well!If you want to get your little one ready to be the queen of the pride, then you’re going to need this Lion King Toddler Nala Costume! She’ll be ready to stDesign & DetailsThis officially licensed Nala costume is based on the classic, animated Disney film from 1994. It comes with a soft, velour jumpsuit that fits with a fastener in the back. It features an elastic waistband to help keep it fitting snugly on your little one. It also has a faux fur tail attached that attached to the back. The plush hood has a foam back for comfort and fits with a strap under the chin. The top of the hood has Nala’s soft-sculped features, including a pair of cartoonish eyes and a pair of ears on top. Once your little one is all dressed up in this adorable outfit, she’ll be ready to take on the role as the new queen of the pride!A New NalaIf your child is a huge fan of The Lion King, or she just wants to start on her path to becoming the queen, then this toddler Nalal Costume might just be the perfect way to dress up your toddler this year!

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