Toddler Dwarf Costume


He’d do anything for his fair maiden! This Toddler Dwarf Costume is absolutely adorable for your little one.

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So your little tyke is off to work, eh?Well, they seem like quite the industrious one. What with single handedly pulling all of their toys out of their toy box, destroying yesterday’s Lincoln log creation, and completing the entire coloring book in one sitting, they seem quite productive.Hmm, that productive and at such a small size… are you sure you don’t have a dwarf on your hands? Dwarves can be mistaken as toddlers with their small stature and stubby little fingers. They too are fond of putting everything in their mouths, eating a lot, and getting dirty. See the similarities? So we ask again, are you sure you’ve got a toddler on your hands and not just a dwarf who hasn’t grown into their beard yet?We’re just saying. It’s a possibility. Say, why don’t you dress your kid up in our toddler dwarf costume? It’s got a bright red shirt and brown pants, not to mention the droopy brown hat with big white eyebrows. There’s even a white beard, black belt, and little booties to go with it. Put your little one in this outfit and see what they do. If they start fixing all the toys in the house, or singing a song about going off to work, you’ve definitely got a dwarf on your hands. If they continue about their business as usual, they’re probably just a kid, but hey, at least they’ll look magnificent in this beard.

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