Kid’s Amethyst Princess Costume


Help your favorite little princess have the best gown at the ball with our Kid’s Amethyst Princess Costume!

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Throwback StyleWhat a cool gemstone, the amethyst. Did you know that in medieval Europe, soldiers wore amethyst amulets as protection in battle? They believed that amethysts heal people and keep them cool-headed. So we made this cool Kids Amethyst Princess Costume. Something about the color is just soothing, isn’t it? The soft, velvety purple overdress and cream accents on the neck and wrist frills really pull it all together. More soothing, this dress is part of our Made By Us collection of costumes, so you can rest assured that it was created with love and care by our in-house team. You’ll worry less about the vibrance of that deep purple and more about who you’re going to impress at your next state dinner or costume party. Pretty cool, huh?Design & DetailsDo you want to be a calm and collected presence to those around you? Want to carry yourself with all the regality of one of the cardinal gems? Not diamond or ruby or sapphire, no. Those are too common. The amethyst conveys a special sort of royalty and respect, while others use the other gems to brag about their wealth. Did you know that the highest-grade amethyst is called “Deep Russian” and is exceptionally rare? It not only is the deepest purple color around but also flashes red in the right light! Like the High Russian Amethyst, in this cute Amethyst Princess Costume for Kids, you’ll command the attention, respect, and awe of all around you—those in your royal family, city folk staring down the street, and the whole group at your next costume party.

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