The Toddler Leprechaun


Get your little one ready for St. Patrick’s Day with the Toddler Leprechaun. Direct your toddler towards the pot of gold with this costume.

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Rainbow a-go-goWelcome to the festival of magical creatures, a fest west of the rainbow! Once you arrive at this weekend of mystical amazement, you’ll be greeted by the trolls who will take your tickets and show you where to park your horse-drawn carriage before it transforms back to a pumpkin. Once you’re through the golden gates, you’ll dance to the bewildering tunes of the Salty Siren Band, watch unicorns strut their stuff on the wonderland runway, and try your hand at Sphinx trivia. But best of all, everyone will enjoy partaking in the weekend-long leprechaun chase, trying to find that elusive pot of gold. Because you see, even in a festival full of mystical animals, the leprechaun is one of the most popular magical creatures!Product DetailsThis cozy leprechaun costume will have everyone smiling whether they’re Irish or not when your little one attends this year’s St Patty’s party! The soft bubble costume has a mossy green color with a belt and vest printed within this design. Soft black boot covers make this look seamless while letting your kid wear whatever shoes are most comfortable. Topped off with a large top hat with belt buckle woven into the design and connected to a brilliant red beard, the toddler leprechaun is a gold star ensemble!Good As GoldAnyone knows that an uncomfortable kid is a crabby kid. That’s why choosing a cozy costume like this one is a great choice for your Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations. Whether you’re heading to a parade, joining in on community events, or simply staging an adorable Patty’s Day photoshoot, this costume will make sure your little leprechaun stays cheery. It turns out, having an especially happy March 1th has nothing to do with luck, you’ve just got to bring your own happy leprechaun along!

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