Temptress Twilight Witch Horns


Go into the twilight zone and be the horror with these Twilight Temptress Witch Horns. These witch horns will transform your temptress dress into the twilight witch you are looking for!

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What’s That Over There?The smell of onions and garlic frying in a pan; the sweet sound of an angelic voice; the sight of big, coy eyes — all could lure even the strongest of mortals. The onions and garlic would get us good, in fact. Next on the list would be these Twilight Temptress Witch Horns, which would elicit a quick “hey, what are those pretty things on your head?” despite any perceived danger.Design & DetailsThese Twilight Temptress Witch Horns will turn your next fantastical costume up a notch. Pair them with any witchy items you have around and then, if you really need to lure someone, throw some diced onion and garlic into a pan of hot oil.

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