Taco Pet Costume


Every day is Taco Tuesday when your pet is wearing this Taco Pet Costume! Comes in 3 sizes to fit any pet whether big or small. Your pet is sure to be the talk of the town in this adorable costume this Halloween.

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A Tasty TreatDoes Halloween fall on a Tuesday this year? Or perhaps you’re just hankering for a way to have your pooch play into your fun and festive ensemble? Maybe you’re just hungry?Whatever your motivation, the result is the same — if you’re hosting a Halloween bash and your pet will be in attendance, then it simply must have a costume all its own. This Pet Taco Costume is the perfect way to make your adorable companion even more delicious. It combines the two ultimate crowd-pleasers — pups and tacos — in one too-cute look. Just make sure you add a taco platter to your party spread, or plan a late-night delivery, or you may have some hangry guests on your hands as the party wears on!Design & DetailsA bit of brilliant printing turns this little costume into a realistic-looking taco with all the fixings. Two bands help it stay put as your best little pal pads around the party or struts through the neighborhood, pup-or-treating. You’ll love looking at your pooch so much that you’ll likely find yourself strapping it on for more than just Halloween — Cinco de Mayo and Taco Tuesdays at your place just got cuter!

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