Candy Cane Striped Staff


Accessorize your costume perfectly with this Candy Cane Staff. Your Elf or Santa costume would not be complete with out this red and white striped staff.

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Approved Elf AttireElves love candy. That’s a well-known fact. Santa’s workshop is stocked with every kind of sweet treat, from chocolate-covered truffles to butterscotch disks. They have every kind of cookie and plenty of peppermint candy canes. They eat, sleep, and breathe candy. We’ve even heard that candy accessories are required in their uniform… which presents quite a predicament. How do they keep themselves from eating their own accessories?Well, we’ve come up with a quick and easy way to help those Christmas elves keep their accessories safe and uneaten! This Candy Cane Staff brings you the delicious look of a candied accessory, except you won’t be tempted to eat it during your shift at Santa’s workshop.Design & DetailsThis Candy Cane Staff is perfect for sweet tooths! It has the classic red and white stripes of the Christmas treat. It has a realistic style that might make you want to taste it, but rest assured, this accessory is made out of plastic. The cane comes in 3 pieces and quickly assembles to make a simple staff. Pair it up with any of our Christmas elf costumes to craft a look that’s ready for a trip to the North Pole.

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