101 Dalmatians Fashion Cruella De Vil Women’s Wig


Become the number one fashion icon with this officially licensed 101 Dalmatians Fashion Cruella De Vil Women’s Wig! It’s the perfect accessory to complete your Cruella De Vil costume!

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The Cruel HairdoDisney’s Cruella De Vil lives and breathes fashion. From the first moment she wakes up to the instant she gets her beauty rest at night, it’s all that she thinks about. She must always be on the cutting edge of style! That’s also why she always has a daring and delectable hairstyle, even when she goes on the simplest errand.If you want to dress up as her, then you’re going to need a fashionable hairdo! This exclusive wig gives you a look that’s inspired by the 101 Dalmatians villain.Design & DetailsThis adult wig is officially licensed from Disney’s 101 Dalmatians. It’s made out of synthetic fibers. One side is black and the other is white to help recreate the iconic color-scheme of Cruella’s hair. The interior has a mesh cap that fits comfortably on your head. The elastic band in the edge helps you get a snug fit, so it will stay on while you go about your daily villainy! It’s the perfect finisher for any Cruella De Vil costume!

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