Stranger Things Tween Classic Argyle S4 Costume


You’ll be able to deliver those yummy pizzas from Surfer Boy Pizza in style when you wear this Stranger Things Tween Classic Argyle S4 Costume to your next costume event!

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Deeply ChillWhen the goings get tough, there are only a few ways to respond. You can get anxious and hide. That might seem like the way to go until you realize that the denizens of the world beyond the portal have plenty of ways to find anyone trying to stay out of sight. You could also gather up all your courage and go head to head with the creepy things from the Upside Down. (Really, we don’t recommend that until you’ve done all your research, first.) The only option left is to take a deep breath, remain cool, and give the rest of the experienced adventurers a chance to collect their thoughts! That’s why we love Argyle and his easy-going attitude amidst all the strange things going on all over the world! If you want to get into the story of Stranger Things in a real way… but aren’t quite ready to draw all the attention of the Upside Down, there’s no better character than one of the newest to join the ranks of Season 4!Product Details You won’t need any superpowers to make your Argyle dreams a reality. All you’ll need is this officially licensed Stranger Things Season 4 Classic Argyle Tween costume. This ensemble includes a colorful, long-sleeve shirt that features an attached under t-shirt. Yellow and red vintage print offers up the Surfer Boy Pizza brand and a combo of pastel colors make up the rest of Argyle’s unique look. Equally wild are the elastic pants that are so ’80s folks may think you’ve actually stepped through a real portal! If you really want to complete the look, pick up a long, black wig and you’ll be ready to slide into any scene like a pro! Team up with your friends and our other Stranger Things costumes for an epic group look that will have Vecna running for the hills.

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