Adult Deluxe Harry Potter Sirius Costume


Escape Azkaban and prove your innocence with the Adult Deluxe Harry Potter Sirius Costume! Fly Buckbeak the hippogriff to freedom with the Adult Deluxe Harry Potter Sirius Costume!

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Are You Sirius? Your nephew is preparing to take on the most powerful and evil wizard to walk the world and you’ve just escaped from Azkaban. You must be the famous, or maybe we should say infamous, Sirius Black! Well, we have to say, you aren’t looking like yourself these days. However, we have just what you need. This Deluxe Harry Potter Sirius Costume for adults will suit you perfectly. Once you toss on these Azkaban escapee duds, you’ll feel the magic start to flow through you again. You’ll be ready to help your nephew Harry take on the dark lord Voldemort! Product Details Your magical transformation will leave you looking… Well, to be honest, you’ll look pretty rough. Although, what would expect a fugitive wizard to look like? This costume has three different pieces. The overcoat jacket is made of polyester materials. It is designed to look stained and smudged, but it does have functional pockets. The attached shirt front has ties down its center while the jacket is made with a button-down center. The pants match the black/white striped shirt front. They have an elastic waistband to ensure a comfortable fit. Even escaped convicts need comfort. The included neck sign is the most important part of this costume. Without it, you’d look just like any random criminal on the run. It’s made with a foam board and a polyester cord. What’s Life Without a Little Magic? Bring some of the magic from the world of Harry Potter to life this Halloween with one of the most beloved characters from the series. Become the ever-popular Sirius Black with the help of this officially licensed costume made in-house by yours truly! 

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