Stormbreaker Marvel Legends Replica


Bring home the greatest weapon in Asgard history with this Marvel Legends Stormbreaker Replica. Are you worthy enough to hold this?

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All in a Day’s WorkSo it sounds like you have a wee bit of a problem. You need to fight off a purple overlord with a huge chin and a plan to destroy half of all life in the known universe, but your jerk of an older sister destroyed your weapon when you blew up your home world. Nobody panic! The solution is straightforward: Travel to the ancient home of the dwarves in the neutron star Nidavellir, relight the dead forge by channeling the star’s force through brute strength, and convince the last remaining dwarf to forge your weapon. Hey, we said that it was straightforward, not easy! Product DetailsWield the weapon that legends are made of when you carry this officially licensed Marvel Legends Stormbreaker Replica! Thor’s mighty axe is duplicated in plastic form, the silver-toned blade securely held in place by a faux tree branch donated by Groot. Press the button on the handle to activate the lights and sound effects! It’s Lightning TimeChannel your powers and take on Thanos in the battle of the millenium! This axe is the perfect finishing touch to your Asgardian costume. 

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