Star Wars Forge Ahsoka Tano Extendable Lightsaber


Complete your cosplay or costume this year with the Star Wars Forge Ahsoka Tano Extendable Lightsaber. The force will be strong with you when you wield this powerful sabre and control the Force.

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A Fine AdditionTo be a Jedi you need a lightsaber. How do you get a lightsaber? You build one. Thanks to this Star Wars Forge Ahsoka Tano Extendable Lightsaber, you’ll be a Jedi in no time. Everything needed to build one of the most powerful weapons in the galaxy comes in this fun toy kit. Once your build is complete, you will have a saber that closely resembles the one used by one of the greatest Jedi of all time. Ahsoka Tano was trained by Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. After she left the Jedi Order, she crafted her white lightsabers. When you wield one, you will feel the power of Ahsoka Tano flow through you. Product DetailsThis Star Wars toy kit comes with four separate parts, all made of plastic, that fit together with extreme ease. The extendable blade, cap, cover, and core are all made of molded plastic. It is a non-electric blade so it will not light up or have sound effects. However, this saber is designed to be compatible with others. Add other Forge Lightsaber kits to your collection and customize your saber however you desire.

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