Naruto Kakashi Cosplay Hoodie


For those that love the anime and want to become the trainer of the legendary ninja comes the Naruto Kakashi Cosplay Hoodie. Finish off your cosplay or costume this year with this hoodie.

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The Cosplay NinjaNow, you can easily become a character from your favorite anime this Halloween with this Naruto Kakashi Cosplay Hoodie! Transform into the leader of Team 7, as well as the 6th Hokage of the Leaf Village, without all the hassle. Kakashi Hataka, the Copy Ninja, is well known and revered in the Naruto Universe. Graduating from the Ninja Acadamy after one year at age 5 gave him the status of prodigy. He then went on countless missions with Team Minato as a genin. Then, after passing the Chunin Exams, Kakashi found himself mixed up in the Third Shinobi World War. Eventually, this powerful ninja became a captain in the Anbu Black Ops. Yeah, needless to say, Kakashi is one of the most talented shinobi we ever get to see in the Naruto story. You, however, won’t have to worry about going through all those trials to become this famed ninja warrior. All you will need to do is toss on this hoodie and possibly change your hairstyle a bit. After that, you will look just like this awesome anime character. Go out and enjoy the Halloween festivities as Kakashi or even make this hoodie a part of your daily attire. 

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