Square Piano Player Glasses for Men


Recall when rock was young when you and Susie had so much fun by getting these glitzy Square Piano Player Glasses for Men. These flashy Square Piano Player Glasses are a must have accessory for your piano man inspired costume!

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Stage PresenceYou need two things to be a rock star. The first thing is musical skills. That requires a ton of practice and a bit of natural talent. Plan to spend a fair amount of time tickling the ivories if you want to wow the audience with your next piano ballad. Of course, the other thing you need? Well, it’s stage presence. It’s not something you can really learn. You just know when you have. It means you need to own the stage with a confident attitude… and it also means stepping up your accessory game. Every great rock star knows how to pick out that one accessory that will have the entire audience focused on you. These Square Piano Player Glasses may just be that accessory.Product DetailsThese tinted glasses help you embrace your inner musical brilliance! The glasses are oversized and have rose-tinted lenses to give you a rosy attitude for the stage. The frames also feature plenty of plastic faux gems around the edges to help you dazzle the audience. Just slip them on and you’re ready to! Just make sure you’ve practiced all of the hits, because the crowd will be ready to hear you pounding them out on the keyboard.

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