70’s Glam Rocker Wig


Transform into an iconic star with this 70’s Glam Rocker Wig! This costume wig is perfect for anyone looking to dress as their favorite glam rocker this Halloween.

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She’s Got the Look  Everyone knows it’s enough just to have vocal range and guitar skills (although yours are both pretty incredible). You’ve gotta have a signature look too. KISS had the face paint and crazy spiked heels. Prince had his crop tops and earrings. ABBA had the full-body unitards. Freddy Mercury had…honestly, he had so many looks that it would be impossible to list them all, but they were all amazing and fun. Take inspiration from these rock and pop greats and come up with a cool outfit for your act. Product DetailsNo need for your brown eyes to turn blue – this 70s Glam Rocker Wig will answer all your costume wishes! The reddish-brown synthetic hair is teased high on top and straight in the back. It’s attached to a mesh wig cap that has an elastic edge for a secure and comfortable fit. Legend in the MakingPop those lapels and rock those tight leather pants! Anything goes in the wild and wonderful world of glam rock. People will be talking about your concerts for years to come!  

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