Spiderweb Coffin Earrings


Rising from the dead is all the more reason to look good. Make sure your Halloween costume is spooky from head to toe with these Spiderweb Coffin Earrings.

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A Subtle Spook Even if you’re a fabulous queen of the night who sleeps in a coffin and has a questionable preference for crimson beverages, you don’t always want to call attention to your true nature. It makes the humans skittish. But wearing a fun set of jewelry that hints at your heritage is a great fashion choice! Product DetailsGive off playful Halloween vibes by wearing these Spiderweb Coffin Earrings! The black plastic accessories are shaped like classic coffins and have a cutout spiderweb design. Each one is securely attached to a silver-tone fishhook earring back. The Perfect StatementAre you planning a vampire, bat, or witch costume this Halloween? Wear these earrings! Do you want to bring a Gothic touch to your everyday outfit? These earrings are the answer. Honestly, there is no good reason not to wear an earring set as cute and festive as these. Even Dracula would like them if he had pierced ears. 

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