Sorting Costume Hat Deluxe Plush


This is the sorting hat you’re looking for. The Deluxe Padded Sorting Costume Hat is tall and looks just like the one found in the Harry Potter movies. You might even be able to store a sword in it too!

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Sort Yourself OutYou can only take a Hogwarts sorting quiz so many times before the magic wears off. Sure, you can change your answers and maybe you’ll end up being in Ravenclaw instead of Gryffindor next time. But true Harry Potter fans crave something a little more substantial to bring a little Hogwarts into your home. This officially-licensed Harry Potter Sorting Hat will help you and yours feel like you’re in the Hogwarts dining hall. Sure, there’s no pudding that just appears after you eat your veggies, but at least this hat will tell you what house you belong to once and for all (until you change your mind, that is!)Product DetailsThis faux leather sorting hat has a subtle face at the front. The mouth can open to make the hat “talk”. There’s a subtle adjustor on the side that lets you adjust this hat for sizes ranging from kids to adults. This makes the hat great for costumes as well as a party and imaginary play prop. Express YourselfNo need to jump on the Hogwarts Express, this prop will bring a little Hogwarts right to your door! Perfect for Harry Potter parties, playtime, and topping off Hogwarts uniforms, this fully-licensed Sorting Hat will bring all sorts of magical fun for years to come!

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