G.I. Joe Snake Eyes Movie Morning Light Electronic Sword


Finish off your stealthy ninja look with the G.I. Joe Snake Eyes Movie Morning Light Electronic Sword. Become Snake Eyes himself and look more authentic while you have this with you.

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Which Weapon?Every heroic warrior needs a signature weapon. Whether they have knives, firearms, swords, slingshots, or bows and arrows, heroes are often identified by their weapon of choice. It might be passed to them from family, obtained in a quest, or given to them once they’ve proven that they’re worthy. So, when your child is deciding what to wield while wearing their costume, they have plenty of choices. We think a sword is always a great option! Your kid can imagine and act out epic battles where they decide if good or evil wins the day.Product DetailsThis G.I. Joe Morning Light Electronic Sword is a great choice for any aspiring ninja! Modeled after the one wielded by Snake Eyes, this toy features exciting sound effects and a light-up blade to make play combat even more thrilling. This Halloween, your child will love to wield this sword with a Snake Eyes costume or any other warrior outfit they want!

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