Snow White Classic Infant Costume


Your little one will feel like a real life princess in this Snow White Classic Infant Costume! It features beautiful details right out of the movie, and will keep her cozy all night long.

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Mirror, Mirror, on the WallDo you have approximately six thousand and seventy-two pictures of your baby girl on your phone or camera? We don’t blame you! She’s just so precious! It’s not enough to capture one cute moment – you want to capture all of them so that you can look back over them while she’s taking a nap and marvel anew at how amazing and funny she is. You don’t need any magic mirror to tell you that she’s special. You knew that from the first moment that she was born! Product DetailsYou already know that your little princess is the fairest of them all, so dress her in this officially licensed Disney Snow White Classic Infant Costume! This sweet little dress can be pulled over your baby’s head and fastened in the back. The dark blue velour bodice is embellished by a patterned light blue inset complete with a Snow White character cameo sewn to the center of the chest just below the neckline. Puffy red and blue sleeves complement the red and blue-trimmed collar and waistline. A satiny white ruff stands up at the back of the collar. The dress’s flowing golden skirt includes a satiny underlayer and a mesh overlayer. The petal-like hemline is a beautiful additional touch! Royal Treatment This little princess’s happiness won’t be threatened by an evil queen! Everyone who sees her loves her (even Grumpy. She makes him smile.) A Snow White-inspired gown is the perfect costume for royalty in training! 

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