Women’s Queen Cleopatra Adult Costume


This Women’s Queen Cleopatra Adult Costume will have you ruling the town in no time. Establish your authority this Halloween with this authentic costume.

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Walk Like an EgyptianThe classic independent woman, Cleopatra ruled Egypt as the last true pharaoh for nearly 30 years. Her name goes hand in hand with proud Egyptian leaders. Even today, people hear “Cleopatra” and they think drama, beauty, and class. She believed she was a living goddess, and so can you when you don this epic Halloween costume. An elegant dress with billowing sleeves, an attached apron, and wide, bold collar will have the wearer feeling pretty divine themselves.Product DetailsCleopatra wore the finest linens, cottons, and silks the ancient world could produce. But she never met polyester! This costume is 100% polyester, which means it’s easy to wash and is wrinkle-resistant. The velvety top adds a lush richness. The accents are crushed bronze fabric. The attached apron is covered in glitter, with printed graphics and 3D jewels for depth. Chiffon sleeves encourage sweeping arm movements to mimic royalty. A bold gold collar attaches in the back with hook and loop fasteners. Shop around for a headpiece, wig, jewelry, shoes, and scepter to make this costume even more commanding. Getting dressed will be a ritual that will be worth it in the end.Brains and BeautyCleopatra was both stunning and smart. And you can be, too, when you buy this costume! It’s got everything you need to put together a look that’s classic, elegant, and courtly. Add some glitz and glamour with a golden gown that Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, and even the real Cleopatra would notice. 

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