Gold Glitter Hands Glasses


Bring some fun to your holiday get together or party when you show up wearing these Gold Glitter Hands Glasses. These Gold Glitter Hands Glasses will be sure to add some sparkle and pizzazz to your overlook look!

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Jazziest HandsMarina was struggling. She felt jazzy all the time but didn’t always have the hands to show how she felt. She’d smile while holding grocery bags, but that didn’t cut it. She didn’t feel happy or cheerful, she was feeling jazzy. There was a whole brass band playing in her head, and she wanted to share that magic with the world! That’s when these sparkling gold hands glasses came into play. She could slip this on when she felt a particularly jazzy mood coming on and walk around confidently knowing that her friends and neighbors were picking up what she was putting down!Product DetailsThis glittering pair of glasses are perfect for a range of events from Mardi Gras to New Year’s Eve and Halloween. The hand-shaped frames have a distinct fifties vibe and would be a great way to add some fun to a kid’s school concert outfit. While the lenses are tinted yellow, they are just for fun and shouldn’t be used to protect from UV rays. When you’re ready to put these glasses away, the legs of the glasses fold up neatly and can be tucked away to be ready for your next costumed event!  

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