Smoking Witch Cauldron Prop


Make your spooky Halloween scene extra spooky and convincing with this Smoking Cauldron decoration. This Halloween Cauldron is perfect for your spells!

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Potions in a Pinch Are you ready for the season? Have you spent all summer and the first chunk of autumn fetching all of the rarest in mushrooms, peculiar herbs, and even a handful of the beasty bits that are needed to call on your ultimate in witchy wonders? No!? You’ve been busy, you say. Well, we understand that. Oh, and you couldn’t really trust the local forest stompers to bring back the right stuff. That sounds completely reasonable! But, what is there to do now!? You still need to get that magical potion brewed up so you can have the perfect spooky evening. Well, fortunately, you’ve got us on your side and we’ve got the perfect polstice for your pains! Product DetailsGive this Smoking Witch Cauldron decoration a stir and you’ll find that all the creepy magic of potion brewing will come together in a snap. The plastic cauldron sits wherever you would like. Add the simplest ingredient on the planet into the basin and flip it on. In moments, your tap water turns into a rising haze of multicolored mist! Your guests need only guess which kind of potion you’ve got bottled up! A Halloween HazeThere’s nothing quite like the ambiance of an All Hallow’s Eve night. When you decorate the place up right, though, it’s even better. This Misty Cauldron is the perfect way to set a spooky scene! 

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