Men’s Dark Strongman Costume


This Men’s Dark Strongman Costume is a costume worth flexing for! This exclusive spandex singlet also comes with faux distressed leather arm bands and a belt.

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Pump it UpIf you really want to flex this coming Halloween then we have the perfect way to do so. Confidently show off your massive muscles with our very own Dark Strongman Costume. You’ll enter the party scene looking like you just got done with your shift at the local circus.There you were lifting unimaginable amounts of weight and this Halloween you will be lifting the party to the next level with your amazing feats of strength. After all, who doesn’t love a charismatic muscle-bound carnie? You’ll be at center stage with this costume so make sure to bulk up and we can not express this enough, be sure to stretch! The last thing you want to do is pull a hammy while showing off to all of your friends.Design & DetailsYou’ll be ready to bust a flex once you toss on the leopard pattern spandex singlet. It will not only help to accentuate your muscly physique but also make it look like you live your life on the edge, and everyone loves a risk-taker. Next, you add the faux leather belt and you’ll look like more than just a Tarzan wanna-be.Then you can complete this robust transformation with the included faux leather wrist cuffs. They are not only there to ensure the safety of your wrists during your feats of strength, but also bring this whole costume together. Finally, we suggest you take a look through our accessories and get your hands on some of our inflatable weights.Also, if you don’t exactly have the hair and facial hair of a strongman, don’t fret. We have a Strongman Wig and Mustache set available as well!Work Hard Play HardLife may seem like a circus from time to time but you don’t clown around. Be the strongest one in town with our exclusive Strongman costume. Your immeasurable strength will steal the show this Halloween!

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