Siren Makeup Kit


Lure in sailors with your sweetness of your beautiful song when you use this Siren Makeup Kit to complete your Siren themed costume. This Siren Makeup Kit features a Siren themed palette of four different colors that will have you transformed and ready to

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Siren CallingYou’ve always known that you have what it takes to be a mermaid! Let’s just go through the basic mermaid interests, shall we? Let’s see. A curiosity for exploring new places and things? Check. A love of music and singing? Check! A desire to get closer to the sea at every opportunity? Yep, that’s true too! Now all you have to do is convince other people of your mermaid background too! Go beyond the basic fin, shell bra, and long wavy hair when you perfect your makeup with this Siren makeup pallette kit!Product DetailsThis costume makeup kit features water-activated paint in white, light blue, deep blue, and black. Use the included brush or the sponge to apply. Once it’s dry, you won’t have to worry about your look smudging. And when you’re ready to return to your human form all you have to do is clean your face with soap and water!Deep DivePerfecting your mermaid look can be a lot of fun! Want a fish scale pattern? Use one of our mermaid stencils! You might also be interested in adding jaw-dropping sparkles with mermaid gems to enhance your new underwater look. No matter how you complete your look, you’re sure to feel right at home at the seaside once you finish your mermaid makeup! 

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