Shakespeare Beard and Wig Set for Men


Buy this Shakespeare Beard and Wig Set to add the finishing touch to your costume. This wig accessory is the perfect idea for a quick and easy costume this Halloween.

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IT’S HARD TO BE THE BARDYou’ve got to have a certain kind of ego to be a writer.  You know, to sit back and think, ‘Yeah, people need to know what I have to say!’  Now, we figure that everyone has a story that is worth telling, but how do you get the confidence to stand up and tell it?We always advise changing up the style to help bolster that hop-to attitude.  Just like the pomp of the right coat or shirt can make you feel right at home anywhere you go, the perfect period hairstyle can make the man.  Suddenly, we understand!  The Bard had style for days!  PRODUCT DETAILSChannel the confidence of the Swan of Avon with this Shakespeare Beard and Wig Set.  This synthetic wig fits fine with its mesh cap and is styled in the old-timey way of the best and brightest of proud playwrights.  You’ll delight in wickedly stroking the matching chinstrap beard and refined mustaches!PACK THE THEATREWith the confidence that you’ll feel presenting the sophisticated style of Shakespeare, you’ll have the local crown lining up to hear your tales.  Remember that boldness be thy friend, folks!  And, this perfect balance of youthful brown and distinguished gray will have you feeling more than bold! 

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