Emo Scene Black Wig


Quit being so emotional! This emo black wig is the perfect accessory for your next Gothic Halloween costume. Or if you want to look like Billie Joe Armstrong that’s okay too.

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Look, being happy and bubbly is fine and all, but we also totally understand that sometimes cheerfulness is overrated. Sometimes, what you really need is just to put on some black threads, crank up the Joy Division, and dig deep down into those dark feelings! And we know that Joy Division isn’t really “emo” music, but you gotta admit, the hairdos look pretty similar…For all of your emo, punk, post-punk, alt-rock, goth-rock, or just “feeling gloomy” costume needs, this Emo Black Wig is the wicked hairstyle you’re looking for! It’s made from synthetic hair, so you at least don’t have to feel bummed out over any cuddly animals getting shaved for your hairdo. And who knows, after you wear it out in public for a little bit and bum some happy people out, you might even feel a little better!

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