Regency Queen Women’s Wig


You could be just as illustrious as the late Marie Antoinette with the new Women’s Regency Queen Wig! Just make sure not to over do it or you’ll lose your head

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A Court Appearance It’s good to be the ruler of a beautiful court! You ride in the finest gilded carriages, wear the most elaborate, trend-setting ballgowns, and have all of your friends bring you the most scandalous bits of gossip to chat about while you munch on cucumber sandwiches and sip imported tea. Long live the queen! Product DetailsExpect royal treatment while you wear this Women’s Regency Queen Wig! Silvery synthetic hair is styled into dozens of tight ringlets and attached to a comfortable wig cap with a fitted edge. The ringlets fall gracefully over your ears and forehead, and several are bunched into a stylish low ponytail. Stunning, Your MajestyYour ladies in waiting aren’t just flattering you: That wig truly does make you look like the most gorgeous queen ever to rule a world power! Use your influence in politics, or simply make this year’s Season the most exciting one yet (or both)! 

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