Women’s Knight Lady Costume


Slay a dragon in this Women’s Lady Knight Costume. This gray costume features a cape, gauntlets, and a faux chain mail dress.

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Round Table ReadyIf you went on a quest, what do you think it would be? There are the classic quests, of course. The ones where you’re sent off to rescue a maiden from a high tower or find the spring of eternal youth. But that maiden can save herself, she’ll probably befriend her dragon captor and ride on out of there. And the fountain of youth isn’t nearly as important when you’ve got access to plastic surgery and hair dye! Maybe you could go on a quest to solve modern problems. Hunt for a pillow that’s the right balance between flat and fluffy. Or you could head out to fight people who want to post spoilers to popular television shows before anyone can even get to the end of the episode. Ready for your modern quest? You’re going to need a modern lady knight costume to make it work!Product DetailsThis costume is both tough and chic with a sleek dress that has faux leather accents to make you look ready for a fight. Gray fabric is layered over a soft chainmail texture base. A dramatic cape falls off one shoulder to make each of your entrances a showstopper. The look is polished off with a metallic helmet headpiece, silver gauntlets, and a faux leather belt to make sure you’re battle-ready.  Say It With Your ShieldWant to make your outfit yours? We think this costume would look great with a sword and shield combo. Then, whenever anyone brings up a subject you don’t want to talk about, raise the shield so they know that it’s off limits. No matter what battle you might be fighting, you’ll look ready for anything. Want to make this into a group’s costume? Peruse our Rennaisance costumes and you’re all sure to be knighted with Halloween honors!  

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