Kid’s Realistic Elephant Costume


This exclusive Kid’s Realistic Elephant Costume will be a huge hit this Halloween. The tusks, floppy ears and trunk make this elephant costume the coolest ever!

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An Elephant’s MemoriesNowadays, it’s easy to document and capture every moment of your child’s life. But let’s face it, some experiences are more worthy of recollection than others (those 25 photos you took at the dentist aren’t likely frame worthy). Among the most memorable of moments? Halloween costume debuts, of course! Since the day your babes wore their first pumpkin onesie, you’ve been documenting their yearly costumes diligently. So get out the camera and make space in the photo album or on the wall, because this Realistic Elephant Costume for kids is one for the books!Your kids can pretend they are roaming the land in search of a watering hole, or trumpet their arrival at each house they hit up trick-or-treating. As the largest mammal on land, elephants certainly command attention wherever they head—this cozy and realistic costume is no exception!Design & DetailsEveryone knows that elephants have great memories, but did you know that elephants can help you make great memories? They can when they inspire your child to have so much fun! That’s why our clever costume studio took such care to design this outfit with ultimate appeal for your little animal lover. This exclusive look uses a soft gray jumpsuit as its base, and it’s printed with a subtle pattern that looks like an elephant’s skin. There is a short, tufted tail attached to the suit back, making the whole appearance very lifelike! But the headpiece is what transforms your kiddo from star pupil to star of the savannah! It has large elephant ears and a stuffed trunk and tusks for instant animal magnetism, in elephant form!Continued CharmGet ready to witness some lifelong memories being made when your child stomps around in this cool costume. It’s unique and universally adored (everyone loves elephants!), and is sure to stand the test of time. 

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