Sash Over the Hill Black


You’re not quite to retirement but you might be soon! Celebrate your birthday in style with the Sash Over the Hill Black.

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Over ItYou’re okay with the jokes about having one foot in the grave. You don’t mind everyone poking fun at how “old” you’re getting. But you refuse to let your 40th birthday be a solemn event. You earned your developing wrinkles and cracking knees. Those grey hairs aren’t dull and sad; they’re shiny silver medals, and you can’t wait to have more! So, while you know the streamers will be muted shades instead of a rainbow, and the cake will probably say something verging on morbid, you’re not going to wear a black mourner’s uniform. You’re going to strut into your party wearing your age with pride like you just earned your black belt in life in this Over the Hill Black Sash!Product DescriptionRemind everyone that 40 is an accomplishment, not a bummer, with this celebratory birthday sash! The 4-inch wide accessory is made with 32 inches of black satin and features a glittering “Over the Hill” print so you’ll dazzle when you enter the room. Slide the classic sash over your shoulder to complement any birthday-worthy ensemble or tie it on like the black belt it represents for a real show of age positivity.Versatile in BlackWhether you’re excited about being over the hill or you want to tease your friend, hitting the big 4-0, this Over the Hill Black Sash has you covered! With its black satin and glittering print, it makes a perfect accessory for birthday revelers and “mourners” alike!

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