Girl’s Darling Angel Costume


Dress up in this heavenly Girl’s Darling Angel Costume. Great for pageants, plays, and Halloween. Complete with white mesh fabric, wings, and silver accents, ideal for the special Angel girl in your life.

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Positively SaintlyAnyone who sees you has to agree, you’re a perfect little angel! Sweet, kind, and generous to the core, others can practically see the halo over your head. Good for you! You’re the type of person that everyone wants to be friends with. Plus, you have a ready-made excuse whenever something mischievous happens in the area and fingers start to point. Who fed the dog jellybeans? Not you, of course. Who drew a crayon mural on the wall? Definitely not you. Who ate all of oatmeal cookies and left only the raisins in the cookie jar? Obviously it was someone else. Can’t they see that you’re a perfect angel? Product DetailsThe heavenly choir sings when you wear this exclusive Girls Darling Angel Costume! The sleeveless dress is so pretty and comfortable that it must have come from above. The jersey knit base layer is light and floaty, perfect for twirling, while the mesh overlay is sprinkled with silver stars and iridescent sequins for an angelic appearance. Delicate mesh sleeves float gracefully when you fly through the heavens on your mesh wings (stretched over wire frames for shape and attached to elastic shoulder straps for security!) The ribbon belt is tipped on each end with a big silver star, and the tinsel halo floats over your head, fastened to a plastic headband. A Heavenly VisionThat’s what you’ll be in this gorgeous costume! Dress up for Halloween, imaginative play, or a holiday pageant in style. Your friends will be able to say that they’ve sen a real, live angel! 

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