Pumpkin Crew Socks


Buy these cute Pumpkin Crew Socks for the Halloween season this year! These socks are bright orange with a black Jack-o’-Lantern face and contracting green trim.

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SWEET FEET? GOURD FEET!Striped feet, dotted feet, speckled feet, tye-dye feet, heart feet, there are so many types of feet in the world! If you’re scratching your head and thinking, “huh? I thought there were only regular feet, the kind with five toes on each?” Well essentially, you’d be right but all feet change once a very important article of clothing is placed on them: SOCKS. These pumpkin crew socks create pumpkin feet (or gourd feet) for you, casing your tootsies in orange fabric, green tipped toes and a smiling Jack-o-Lantern face on the side. It’s a shame they’re hiding underneath your shoes, so wear them with a pair of slide sandals to show them off.    PRODUCT DETAILSThe festive crew socks are made from a blend of acrylic, polyester and spandex fabric. Please note, these are children socks are made specifically for kid’s feet even though they’re very stretchy and as a result, comfortable. A knitted design of a laughing, gapped tooth jack-o-lantern is featured on the side, creating jack-o-lantern tooties that are perfect for Halloween! A COMPLETE PUMPKIN PERSONDoes your child love these pumpkin socks? Turn them into an outright gourd by pairing this accessory with a pumpkin costume.

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